Final Project: Progress and Update

This week Jocelyn and I have made a lot of progress on our final project, which aims to map the evolution of Carleton’s science departments since the college’s inception in 1867. We have finished collecting the data needed for our timeline and text analysis projects, and plan to transfer this data into KnightLab and Voyant Tools in the next couple days.

Personally, I have worked on setting up the webpage to host our final project, looking through old academic catalogs to gather data, and converting 7 catalogs to raw text files so that I can analyze the frequency of specific words in each.

For a more complete update on our project, see our post on the class website.

Hacking the Humanities: Final Projects

For my final project I will be working with Jocelyn to determine trends in how Carleton’s course offerings in the science departments have changed over time. I chose this project because I am very interested in how education, especially college education, has evolved over time. We chose the sciences specifically, because it is a field which is often debated, and in a constant state of change as a result of new discoveries and technologies.

Exploring ArcGis: The Correlation between U.S. Colleges and Railroad Lines

The original map can be interacted with on the ArcGIS website

The colleges labeled with darker colored dots were established earliest, and those with lightest color dots, the latest (First: Harvard University, 1636; Last: Carleton College, 1866). The purple overlay shows existing rail road lines in the United States in 1850. Of the colleges that had been established by 1850 in the United States, almost all have a rail road line running directly through their town.